Martina Salzberger

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Rabbit's Fight
Debutantan 05, Galerie der Künstler, Munich
33-pieces-photo-installation, each 50 x 80 cm

According to Schiller a human being is only a complete human being when at play. The piece of art Rabbits' Fight is an adaptation of the game "Tick Tack Toe", in which two players each make one of the following hand signs: paper, stone, scissors or well. Paper now wins over stone and well, stone wins over scissors, scissors win over paper and well wins over stone and scissors.
The sequence of photos visualizes a possible pursuit of the game.
A variety of coloured rubber gloves compete against one another as incarnate players. Alternately, each glove mutates into a player figure, which reminds us of a rabbit, and at the same time into a hand, which executes the appropriate gesture of the game. One, two three ... The loser is knocked out so to speak, whereas the winner of the challenge confronts a new adversary.
Playfully, a sort of fight tableau results from the photos of the single scenes which could also have looked totally different.